I am an advanced yogi and trophy winning body builder.  I started teaching yoga in 1984 during my career as a professional dancer/stunt double.   Currently I’m gym instructor for inductions and advice at Cape Cornwall Club.


I studied for my NABBA (National Amateur Bodybuilders Association) instructors certificate with course work approved by The Back Care Association at Maximum Fitness, North London, where I worked for 10 years. In 2008 I was presented with the NABBA toned figure award.


Now exclusively teaching Yoga, Programmes are devised for home practice, the gym and to enhance your sport, incorporating free weights, Step, Dyna band and Swiss ball.


I began with Classical Hatha Yoga at the London Sivananda Centre taught by Giris and Naryani, who featured in the popular Sivananda book.


I also studied at the East West Centre with yoga master, Ernest Coates, whom I later assisted and modelled for, in his yoga manuals and videos.


Based at Dance Works, central London, Frances Houlahan made the biggest impact in my life and continues to inspire and guide with her Classical Contemporary Yoga teaching.

I studied anatomy and physiology with the British School Of Yoga and gained a diploma with the Relaxation Therapists Association.


In the 90's, I progressed to Ashtanga Vinyasa with Derek and Radha, and Godfrey Devereaux of The Life Centre, Notting Hill, giving demonstrations on GMTV, This Morning and Looking Good.




Following a deeper shift to more gentle, therapeutic practices, I completed standard and advanced courses for flow yoga, pranayama and instruction at White Lotus, Santa Barbara USA with Ganga White and Tracy Rich and later, with Donna Farhi for breath/body work and healing, in Salt Lake.


Although I have attended classes at the Iyengar Institute, Maida Vale since the 80's and master classes with Iyengar in Holland, I decided not to do the 7 year training offered there but continued to travel with my work and keep my mind and body open to all the yoga styles, teachers and disciplines available.


In doing so, I found my own rounded practice with the benefits of several schools of thought and routines from power to yin yoga but always with the solid background of Classical Hatha which often gets lost in the more upbeat, physical routines.


My private classes and workshops are warm and sympathetic yet instilled with discipline, alignment, freedom of movement and therapeutic techniques, so practitioners feel truly comfortable just as they are, whilst discovering more about themselves and how to live life to the full.

From 2000 I studied with Matthew Taylor (Director Yoga Therapists Association-USA) as a yoga therapist, assisting at his clinic in Arizona and continued training in Viniyoga therapy in Hawaii, with Mirka Kraftsow.


I realised I had a natural ability to ˜tune in˜ to peoples energy and became a spiritual healer/crystal therapist under the tutelage of Louise Cheval (Melody Crystal Instructor and Crystal Academy -Hawaii).


I retired from show business in 2001 and moved home to Cornwall. I still continue to travel and attend workshops to keep in touch with fresh outlooks and enhance my own practise.


I have studied with many wonderful teachers but in particular; Jenny Beeken, Gretchen Faust - UK. Carlos Patrian - Milan. Dharma Mitra, Ana Forrest, Bikram Choudray, David Swenson - USA and Mark Boukhams - New Zealand.

Tessa Skola, Sooty's Rest,

9 Boscaswell Terrace

Pendeen, Cornwall, UK

mobile: 07779 297209