The Crystal Dolphin

The Crystal Dolphin, my honorary healing name, encompasses my love of nature, the sea and our origins of being.


I realised I had a natural ability to tune in to peoples energy during my years of yoga training  & teaching and so, became a spiritual healer/crystal therapist under the tutelage of Louise Cheval (Melody Crystal Instructor and Crystal Academy -Hawaii).


I received deeper healing connections at Sedona, Arizona & Mt. Shasta California.


Angelic presences flow through my hands to dissolve energy block and ultimately put you back in touch with your own power.


At Sooty's Rest, I create a sacred space for deep relaxation, hands on healing and aura-chakra balancing, through the loving power of crystals.


Crystals hold the life force and connect us to all that is. Each gem has a unique vibration which works instantly when placed on or around the body, to amplify the healing process.


During the session (which can run up to 2hrs), the client lies down comfortably, tunes into their breathing and relaxes deeply, in order for the healing to begin.

These Healing Sessions are £45.


I am also a member of the Kernow Priestess Circle, available for blessings at any occasion and energy clearing of homes or businesses, keeping a down-to-earth and practical approach.




Based on a short email Q&A I can also prescribe you your own personalised reading and healing colour of the day, including a hand-picked crystal.

The fee for this service is £30. 

Tessa Skola, Sooty's Rest,

9 Boscaswell Terrace

Pendeen, Cornwall, UK

mobile: 07779 297209